Hexad Team

More Members:

Mr S. Babiharan Managing Director | Senior Developer

I’m working as a professional HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular React & Node JS, MySQL, PHP and WordPress developer for 3 long years now. I also have acquired fame and popularity as a Front and Back end Developer. I consider myself as the best as in my professional career. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from The Aldersgate University. I have great expertise in creating web development using a variety of modern technologies. I always focus on producing high quality and module-oriented SEO-friendly codes.
I also Have  UX and UI designing, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Problem-solving abilities, Quick response, Monitoring and supervising, Leadership and Ethical Hacking. I believe in hard work and honesty.

Mr I Vigman Director | UI/UX Branding

I’m here as the director of Hexad and working on the UI/UX branding as well. An adaptable person by nature to any work environment and pursue good leadership qualities such as problem solving, effective communication, decisive and encouraging by nature to build my team. I’m also an independent thinker and had experienced in making effective decisions with my own knowledge and judgements in any situation to uplift the business.
Making new and innovative business plan is my passion. Providing creative ideas to bring our company to the heights where the modern world can identify is my job. I hold a BCOM Degree which helps me to develop my career in collecting information, planning and executing new profitable ideas.

Miss M Gobika Developer | Graphic Designer

My journey started in Hexad as a developer and further extended to serve as a graphic designer also. I excel in programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Also I’m passionate in learning new things every day and I always keep updating myself with the latest things related to my career. I’m an well experienced person in working with illustrator and photoshop. I create unique and attractive designs in all aspects required and possess a business sense when creating logos and business related designs. I have certain good qualities of a graphic designer like being patient until the final part is done accurately and an imaginative mind to bring out new ideas for designing. These qualities are helpful for me to do my job perfectly.

Miss S. Dayana UI/UX Branding | CRO

Hey guys! Here is something interesting about me and my job at Hexad. I’m working as a Customer Relations Officer and partly serving as a UI/UX branding officer to Hexad. I’m highly concerned about customer expectations on our team and services that we provide. Customers are the source of any business to survive in the market, it is our responsibility to meet their satisfaction level. I’m an attentive person by nature and capable of resolving issues easily in job and in daily life. I’m able to understand and study customer needs quickly. I have excellent communication skills that supports me in the negotiation process to win-win business deals. The interest and love in my profession brings out the perfection in my work.

Miss M Abilasha Designer | Content Writer

Hey friends! I’ve joined Hexad to build up my career in content writing and web designing. Over the past few years, I learned and practiced various technical methodologies which helped me in enhancing the quality of my work in this career path. Now I have the capacity to fully manage wordpress themes and plugins. I specialize in creating user friendly web designs.
Project management is the key of my skills and mostly I depend on the process of project management to keep up the perfect time frame on completion. I write attractive content and blog articles which is always highly supportive to increase SEO ranking of websites developed by our team. Always love your job as you love yourself!

Miss Shiya Human Resource Manager | Accountant

I’ve started my career in Hexad tech solutions as the Human Resource Manager. I’m highly skilled in maintaining employees effectively and efficiently to our business.
We not only get work done, we compensate them with what they seek for. I possess 2 years experience in the same field and I wish to learn more and diverse my career in various fields.
I’m excelling in both departments which I had mentioned above. I do my work with hard work and dedication. I’m an excellent analytic, effective communicator and has a great sense of accountability.
Time management is an important aspect to any job that you do. It is the tool for success to accomplish any task. Therefore, make it your success tool!